Why I decided to stop using the term “transwoman”

la scapigliata

Since the latest arrest of a trans “woman”, for the brutal attack on an actual woman, I’ve seen many women stand by this male and show no compassion for his female victim. I also saw the male judge order the victim to refer to her male attacker as a “she” and when the victim repeatedly forgot to lie under oath, the judge reduced the attacker’s sentence, shamed the victim and denied her rightful compensation.

The absurdity inherent in this situation is evidence of escalating power of patriarchy, which is now only willing to tolerate female collaborators, or handmaidens, while it gratuitously punishes women who resist.

Most visible handmaidens today are highly paid women in politics, media, academia and entertainment industry. Allowed to be there by the grace of men, and expected to police the rest of us. So when small pockets of resistance do form, women with dissenting opinions are told to…

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